Friday, 5 August 2011

Mason's Bistro

Mason's Bistro, Fossgate, York - Wednesday 3 August 2011

Having walked from one fully booked restaurant to another (unheard of on a Wednesday) it was with great relief that we sank into our chairs at Mason's Bistro. I'd been there a couple of times before, a few years ago, and had it at the back of my mind as we unsuccessfully tried to find somewhere to eat. Very surprisingly it was nearly empty this evening, but then it is located just a little bit too far from the main streets for people to just accidentally drop by. It was a bit different from how I remembered it, but that was mainly the food, the interior was the same; lovely wooden furniture and a charming floral feel to the textiles. It somehow reminds me of a French bistro, and it has that continenetal feel to it as well. The menu had, however, become far more English and the menus had a much cheaper feeling to them than what I remembered from my earlier visits. 

We eventually found somethng to eat; three of us went for the Vegetarian Skewers with rice and salad, and the last one had the Cajun chicken. I didn't realy expect much, but when the food arrived I was very pleasantly surprised. The skewers looked succulent (cherry tomatoes, onion, mushrooms and halloumi) and the rice and salad were beautifully presented. The chicken also looked invititng, with chips and salad, and I was told it was lovely. The vegetarian skewers were as good as they looked, and I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. 

The dessert menu was quite small, between us we chose the chocolate brownie and the treacle tart. Having chosen the brownie I regretted my choice as soon as the desserts arrived, it was a bit dry, and although ok not very exciting. The treacle tart on the other hand (I stole a spoon-full of it) was very nice. It was moist and sticky and very sweet. 

Although mabe not the most exciting culinary experience, it was a lovely evening, and the food was not half bad. I'll probably go back at some point, although maybe not for a while. 

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