Monday, 24 October 2011

Orange Salad

Visiting my parents is always great, as I not only do I get my all-time favourite foods, but I also get ideas for new things I can try out at home.  This orange dessert was served after dinner tonight, when I thought my tummy was full to bursting point. However, it turned out that there was room in it after all, and I felt better for having finished the meal with some fruit. And I'm sure it counts towards your five a day too.

Serves 4

3 oranges
a handful of chopped almonds
250ml water
125g sugar
2 star anise

Make a sugar syrup by bringing water, sugar and star anise to the boil. After boiling it until the sugar is dissolved, remove the star anisefrom the syrup. Leave it to cool down completely.

Peel the oranges, making sure to remove the pith. Finely slice the oranges so that a piece of each segment is in each slice.
Put the oranges in a serving bowl and pour the sugar syrup over.
Finally drizzle the chopped almonds on top.

This very simple but delicious dessert can be served with whipped cream.

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