Monday, 23 January 2012

Breakfast at La Fromagerie (London) – Sunday 15 January 2012

We discovered this treasure-trove by chance the previous day, and decided that it would be a good place to have breakfast. So on a sunny Sunday morning in London we set out to find the cheese shop again. Luckily it wasn’t too far from our hotel, my legs were still tired from all the walking we had done the previous day, and I was ready for some proper breakfast. As it turned out, we had come to the right place. After a couple of minutes’ wait (there were not many tables, but a steady stream of customers wanting to eat) we were directed to four available seats in the middle of a long table. It was a homely wooden table with benches; it had that French rural feel to it, and with it an anticipation of great things to come. 

I ordered a plate of the home made baked beans, and went in to the cheese room (yes, a whole room filled with cheese, kept behind a closed door to keep cool) to choose a cheese platter to go with it. My friends selected an assortment of toasties and granola, and judging by the look on their faces when the food was tasted they were very happy with what they were served. And so was I. The beans were coated in a thick and tasty tomato sauce, and the cheeses were wonderful.

As we were eating it was coming to the end of breakfast service, and lunch was put out on a nearby table. At the same time the queue of people waiting to be seated quite exploded – it was like they all knew what was in store and were waiting patiently for their turn at the table. I have to say the lunch items looked fantastic; I decided there and then that I have to go back next time I’m in London to try it out.

For our pudding (one should always have pudding after breakfast on a Sunday) we had hot chocolates, made with Valrhona chocolate. Nothing can beat hot chocolate made with real good quality chocolate, and these were no exception.

I look forward to going back for lunch some day.

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