Thursday, 3 November 2011

Cake time at Kafeneion in York - Sunday 30 October 2011

This was not my first visit to Kafeneion in York. I'd been there once before, and quite liked it, so when my friend suggested it for our Sunday mid-morning treat, I was more than happy to go along. The café looks quite small from the outside, but opens up when you look past the counter. If you can actually tear yourself away from the counter long enough to look for a place to sit, that is. There are delicious-looking cakes that make your mouth water, and a good selection of both warm and cold drinks. Once you have made up your mind you can choose if you want to sit in the small section by the street window, or in the more secluded section in the back, where there are comfortable sofas as well as tables and chairs. One of my friends commented that the place has a spa-like feel to it, with calming pictures on the wall, and some green plants in a large open and airy space. I’m not completely sure about the spa-thing, but it is definitely a calming and cosy space.

I settled down onto the sofa, and soon my cake and hot chocolate were brought over by a lovely waiter. That is another thing I like about Kafeneion; the staff are lovely and friendly and not at all afraid to go out of their way to make your stay even better. The floor and tables are cleaned regularly, adding to the comfort of the guests.

This particular day I had chosen the rocky road cake, which was moist and rich and chocolaty. My friend opted for the oreo cake, which of course I had to test – and it was deliciously smooth and creamy, and also chocolaty. I could very happily have both of them again. There were also cakes suitable for coeliacs on offer.

Sadly I eventually had to leave the café, not because I was in any way rushed, but because I had things to do before the shops closed. But I had enjoyed my break, and so had my friends.

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