Monday, 18 March 2013

Eat & Drink for £1 a day - 28 Day Challenge - Day 7

Today I woke up with two kittens sat on me, purring. And it has been a lovely day since then too. I started of with a mug of hot bouillon, and then set about doing things that had been on my list to do for a while. And then I had an early dinner; vegetable soup made from a bowl-full of mixed frozen vegetables and sweetcorn, enough water to cover, a teaspoon of bouillon, a tablespoon of tomato purée and two tablespoons of ready boiled yellow peas. I boiled a batch of peas yesterday, enough to last me another couple of days.

I've now completed a week of my fundraising challenge, only three more weeks to go. It's been an interesting week, with day three definitely the hardest one. What I had thought I'd miss the most was my herbal tea with I normally drink gallons of, but in fact it has been fresh apples. And I had been a little worried that there might not be enough food, but as it turns out I have still got some food leftover, and a new week starts tomorrow, so quantity-wise I've been fine. It has been a little boring though, so I'm looking forward to a new shopping basket tomorrow, hopefully some new flavours.

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  1. Pleased to see some new colours in that bowl, especially green Ulla.
    Well done on completing this first week of your challenge